GS1 Standards for bar codes and EPC/RFID

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GS1 bar codes and EPC/RFID tags carry information about products and location, and can be encoded with extended product data such as batch/lot information and expiry dates for product traceability and safety.

Did you know?

The beep of the GS1 barcode is heard over 6 billion times a day around the world.


    EAN/UPC barcode
  • GS1-128

    GS1-128 barcode
  • ITF-14

  • GS1 DataBar

    GS1 DataBar
  • GS1 DataMatrix

    GS1 DataMatrix
  • GS1 QR-code

    GS1 QR-code
  • GS1 Composite Barcode

    GS1 Composite Barcode
  • EPC HF Gen 2

    EPC HF Gen 2
  • EPC UHF Gen 2

    EPC UHF Gen 2